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FatCow Review 2018: FatCow Hosting Features

That was a time when FatCow came to the rescue. It is definitely the cheapest option with a certain good reputation to it. Also Check out here best web hosting companies

Then while working on it, I realised that the hosting service could be liked for a lot of reasons and also disliked for a few. In this review, I shall discuss both.

So here is my review of FatCow hosting service

We already know that FatCow is the cheapest out there. So let’s look at its features to see whether the price compromises the functionality.

The company offers the following services

  1. Linux hosting

Price: $40/year

  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited mail boxes
  • Free domain name
  • Free website builder
  • Free Script barn
  • 1 GB Cloud storage free

It does not get any cheaper than this. Does it? There is no better hosting provider for bloggers and new marketers who want to make a name for themselves. It has a lot of features too. I will discuss them later.

  1. VPS Hosting services

Price: $27.99/ month to $99.99/month (comes with 3 plans in this range: Basic, Business and Optimum)

  • You get dedicated CPU cores
  • Access to large RAM space for smooth functioning
  • Minimum 40 GB of storage
  • Minimum 1 TB bandwidth

I guess that is enough for you to make it out that the VPS hosting is also pretty cheap. If you want increased control, manage your resources to an extent and cloud based flexibility then this is the best solution for you and can fit any low budget requirement.

The packages come with cPanel which I guess is the interface most people are comfortable with.

  1. WordPress Hosting Services

Price: $3.75 a month or $6.95 a month

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  • Comes with two plans which are ideal for both WordPress beginners and experts.
  • You get a hosting plan
  • Customized Control Panel
  • Pre-installed themes and plugins
  • With the essential version you get improved speed, security and support

I guess that is good enough for any blogger. It was good enough for me and I benefited from its facilities greatly.

  1. Dedicated Hosting Services

Price: $149.99/month to $239.99 per month

  • Good for both small businesses and large scale firms with high volume and traffic needs
  • Gives more control to you
  • You get dedicated CPU cores
  • High RAM storage with 4 GB minimum
  • Minimum 500 GB of storage
  • Minimum 5 TB of bandwidth

If you are a well-established firms but have a tight budget about dedicated hosting then this is a good enough option for you. I haven’t used this service yet but I guess it is a worthwhile choice.

Now that we a have a hang of FatCow’s features let’s see how they function

The Uptime is Excellent

No hosting provider will ever publish their uptime statistics but my personal experience with what FatCow had to offer was great. The uptime is on average 99.99% for 30 days.  This means that the responsiveness of your website will always be maintained.

Your websites will load quickly, you will be able to serve all your visitors with consistent speeds and establish a good reputation. Full marks to the optimization tech employed here.

There are a host of other features like:

  1. You get a bonus Adwords voucher worth 100 dollars.
  2. You get $50 worth of Facebook Advertising Credit
  3. Free listing on Yellow Pages